Name: Chantella Perera

Nickname: Baz

Instagram: chantellap

Occupation: Head of Sport - KOJO

Position: Defender

Football achievements: VFLW Premiership 2018 and VFLW Best On Ground in Grand Final

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? Being part of creating the foundation for this program and developing a legacy that sets up the club for an exciting future

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? All of them! Being from the east coast it's so nice to meet all the girls and get to know them and how each of them play.

Game day superstitions? None!

Wost injury? Lower back

Hobby? Heading to the beach!

Favourite holiday spot? Byron Bay

What’s your spirit animal? Panther

Favourite band? Hmm don’t have a favourite specifically – just love a bit of everything!

Favourite TV series? Suits

Something you can’t live without? My puppy dog, Mintie!