Name: Cassie Davidson

Instagram: @Cassdavidson33

Occupation: Deadly Sista Girlz mentor with the Wirrpanda Foundation

Position: Deadly Sista Girlz mentor with the Wirrpanda Foundation

Football achievements: Too many

What excites you most about being an inaugural Eagle? The fact that I’ve idolised both WA teams for my whole childhood and now I get to say I’ve played for both clubs. Not many people can say they’ve done that. And that’s what I’m excited about the most. It’s a phenomenal club.

Which teammate are you most looking forward to playing with? Probably Swanny (Emma Swanson). I played my first few years of football with Swanny at Peel Thunder and then made the switch over to East Fremantle when she did. I was obviously bummed when she left us for GWS for three years, so I’m certainly keen to throw on the same colours as her again and hopefully kick the footy around together a fair bit.

The toughest AFLW opponent you’ve encountered? Chelsea Randall. Nothing left to say.

Pre-game meal? I actually get hell nervy and can’t eat pre-game, but if I’m ever just chill I’ll probably smack back a banana.

Game day superstitions? Chris Brown toons pre-game.

Wost injury? Having the back of a 90-year-old. That’s probably not an actual injury, but I did get a couple of bulges on my lower discs, so probably that.

Hobby? Pretending to surf

Favourite holiday spot? Broome! It’s L.I.T.

What’s your spirit animal? A cat most probably. Or a koala. Love a good nap or 50.

Favourite band? Really loving on Chelsea Cutler lately.

Favourite TV series? Not a fan of the TV.

Something you can’t live without? Napping.