Willie Rioli will resume training with the West Coast Eagles on Friday pursuant to the terms of his provisional suspension which permits him to train with the Eagles pending the final determination of the allegations against him.

The club has worked closely with Rioli on the timing of his return, ensuring he was in the right frame of mind to resume in the AFL environment despite the process not yet being complete.

Given the ongoing legal process, it is inappropriate for Rioli to make any comment at the present time and he will not do so.

The club requests that the media appreciates the circumstances and allow Rioli to resume training without undue interference.

Rioli said he was looking forward to reconnecting with the club.

“It’s good to be back at the club and to see my teammates and staff,” Rioli said.

“The club has been really supportive over the past four months.

“I have been cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation and I will continue to do so. I cannot discuss any of the details. I am looking forward to getting back to some training.”

Rioli was provisionally suspended by the AFL on the eve of the semi-final against Geelong last September and has spent much of his time at home in the Tiwi Islands since.

Senior coach Adam Simpson will be available to speak on the club’s behalf before training on Friday at 8.40 am.