Football training in isolation presents its challenges but, with a little ingenuity, sharpening your skills certainly isn’t impossible.

And in a four-part series of skill development videos – instructed by West Coast’s AFLW coach Luke Dwyer and head of female football Adam Selwood – eager players can put themselves or a partner through their paces in a fun and challenging range of drills.

Regardless which level of football you play, skill execution is a cornerstone of the game and the third video in the series zeroes in on effective handball.

‘The art of handballing is the most underrated skill in the game,” Selwood said.

“To have the ability to make quick decisions under pressure and deliver the ball with either hand to your teammates enables you to become a more complete player.

“Effective handballing takes many hours of practice and focus.”

Video three in the player above presents eight handball exercises that can be completed with a partner, with thanks to BHP, Barminco, Edith Cowan University, Ballpoint Construction Group and the Town of Victoria Park.