With five weeks left of the home-and-away season, Eagles midfield bull Elliot Yeo says the team must win a majority of their matches in order to solidify a position in the top eight.

The side are preparing to come up against an in-form side in St Kilda at home this Saturday, before taking on Collingwood at the MCG in round 20.

In their final three matches, West Coast must then combat the first-placed Demons at Optus Stadium, followed by an away RAC Derby, and finish with a Brisbane clash at the Gabba in round 23.

“It’s a good race for the finals and we’ve got a few teams who are in that too,” Yeo told 96FM.

“If we win every game from now then obviously we’ll cement our spot, because a lot of the teams that we’re playing are the ones that are just below us.

“It’s pretty much make or break, we can’t really afford to lose many games from this point on, otherwise we might find ourselves out of the eight.”

But while three of the five matches will be against teams below the Eagles on the ladder, both Fremantle and St Kilda sit just one win behind the side in 10th and 11th respectively.

However, Yeo feels the West Coast’s most recent victory against Adelaide has put the Eagles in good stead to be competitive for the rest of the season, despite being low on confidence in the weeks prior.

“It was just a lot of pressure, I think a lot of teams they were coming off a harsh loss, we were coming off a harsh loss, the first quarter was pretty hot, felt like the contest and the pressure around it was quite high,” he said.

“It felt that it was difficult to try and get ball movement going, especially for both teams, and in the end we were able to just break it and able get our ball movement going. Get the ball flowing forward, and get it into the hands of blokes like Jamie Cripps.

“He had a ripper, and you know, he’s probably had a little bit of pressure himself as well, a lot of people have probably been riding him and his performances.

“But like most players, the past couple of weeks as well, they probably haven’t been the greatest in form.

“So it was really good that he was able to do that and really impact the scoreboard. Definitely put the foot on the throat a bit more, we haven’t done that to teams in a long time.”

Yeo also explained his own form is improving week-by-week after being sidelined for nine months with osteitis pubis.

“It’s a feeling, you come off going I felt like I was at a lot of contests, I was running hard, felt on top, whereas you come off some games and go, ‘I don’t know how I got through that,’” he said.

“You feel like the little engine that could. There’s certain games where you come off and you go… I’ve gone alright here, you feel good, today was a good day, especially when you win it helps.”