Age: 18
Height: 199cm
Weight: 95kg
Position: Forward

Draft bio: 

Arguably the best ruckman in the TAC Cup competition in 2018, who has also developed into a dangerous key forward. Williams is quick, agile, strong and has a great natural leap. He recorded 66cm in the standing vertical jump in the NAB AFL Draft Combine in October and won the running vertical jump (left foot) with a leap of 94cm. Has drawn comparisons to Port Adelaide star Paddy Ryder.

What he said:

"I was at home with mum, dad, nan and all the siblings. Watching my name get called out at pick 35 was surreal and mum just burst into tears; she was so emotional. It was a lot to take in. I was just so stoked."

"I’m a pretty easy going guy so I was open to moving anywhere. Playing in the AFL has always been my dream, so when I got called out to go to West Coast, I was licking my lips. I do a fair bit of surfing, so I'm keen as to come to Perth and enjoy the warm weather."

"I got a call from Nic Nat not too long ago. I didn’t know who it was, so I just answered and he said,  "Hey, it’s Nic Nat". He’s always been one of my favourite players in the AFL and now I’ll get the luxury of training with him, which is pretty cool."

"I’ve always played a variety of roles, whether it be half-forward, full-forward, ruck or even down back at times. Having the ability to switch from ruck to forward, I find it as a luxury for me and one of my strengths. Whether I start my AFL career in the ruck or as a forward, I’m really equipped to play either and just really keen to get into it."