Age: 31
Height: 183cm
Position: Forward/ruck
Recruited from: Claremont

Draft bio:

Former West Coast Fever netballer Andrea Gilmore has been champing at the bit for an AFLW opportunity after being elevated from train-on to injury replacement status with the Eagles last year. She plied her trade with Claremont’s WAFLW team, but missed the entirety of the Tigers’ 2019 campaign due to complications arising from an ACL injury sustained in 2017. But now she is back to full fitness and ready to seize a senior opportunity with both hands. The 31-year-old, who stands at an intimidating 183cm, is incredibly athletic for her height. Gilmore is a strong marking target who also has the ability to pinch hit in the ruck when required.

What head of female football Adam Selwood had to say:

"We’re really proud of Andrea Gilmore in terms of how hard she has done it, recovering from an ACL injury and just missing out in last year’s draft. She put strong trust in our football club and the program to get her back to where she needed to be and now here’s her opportunity to be officially on our list and be the key forward that we’re looking for. The girls love her and everyone at the football club thinks she’s wonderful. Now she can get out there and play and perform. We think she’s going to have a strong impact in the league."