Connor West

33 disposals, five marks, five tackles, six inside 50s

Really impressed with how he’s going. Had 33 touches, won the ball on the inside, won the ball on the outside. He was tough and clean all day.

Mark Hutchings

30 disposals, five marks, six inside 50s, three goals

Was prominent, had 30 disposals and kicked three. It’s a really dominant performance from a midfielder, so really happy with how he performed.

Xavier O’Neill

24 disposals, five tackles, nine inside 50s, one goal

Played a little bit more forward this week, particularly early. Had some really good impact around the stoppages, and we were really happy with his defensive mindset when the opposition had the ball.

Luke Foley & Harry Edwards

22 disposals, three marks, three tackles & six disposals, one mark

Continuing to grow and mature as defenders. They helped lead our backline really well, and their positioning and aggression with attack of contest was first class. ‘Foles’ had 22, and although Harry didn’t have a lot of the ball, his contest work was outstanding.

Brayden Ainsworth

17 disposals, three marks, two tackles

Really solid performance again for us, started up some really good play.

Zane Trew

16 disposals, two marks, three tackles

His touches were really influential, had some really aggressive play off his quick hands and smarts around contests. He’s another player with two-way work rate that has been really evident the last month or so.

Ben Johnson

16 disposals, three marks, one tackle

Had 16 off half-back and had some really good moments, and some moments we can continue to educate him on.

Jake Waterman

13 disposals, four marks, three tackles, three goals

Had a slow start, the first half didn’t really get too involved, but in the second he was one of the players that got us back into the game. Kicked three in the second half.

Nathan Vardy

36 hitouts, three marks, two tackles

Was really good in the ruck, particularly after half-time, he really dominated the aerial battle and stoppage battle.

Bailey Williams

17 hitouts, one mark, one tackle

Was really good in the ruck, he’s competing really well, probably just missed a couple of opportunities to expose his opponent. But his development particularly in the contest, over the past four or five weeks has really impressed us.

Isiah Winder

Nine disposals, one mark

First game back for him, had some good moments, he’s a really classy player. When he did touch the ball there were some good chains that were created off of those plays.

Callum Jamieson

Eight disposals, one mark

Played back again for the fourth week in a row, and he’s continuing to grow as a defender and as a tall. So his development will continue as a back, and we’ll continue to try him in different areas as well. The way he competes and is starting to read the game, we’re really happy with that growth.